Welcome to Transport Workers Tax Service

Welcome to Transport Workers Tax Service. We are one of the Maritime’s Industry foremost accounting firms engaged in tax preparation and financial services. With extensive knowledge and experience, we understand the Internal Revenues position and regulations regarding merchant mariner job and employee expense deductions. Our commitment to you is based on the highest of professional accounting standards. We will anticipate your needs and work to exceed your expectations.

Make sure the preparer you use has your vessel schedule and correctly calculates your per diem deduction covering incidental expenses that are allowable per IRS Revenue Procs.

Our database is extensive and already has most of the major carriers and vessels in it. All deductions are based on rates published by the Department of Defense (DoD). Please realize if you have a relationship with a local tax preparer will can still provide you with your Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) Line 21 calculations covering ‘Unreimbursed employee expenses’, see link. Do not forgo valid and legitimate deductions that can reduce your federal tax liability in excess of $1,000.

Within the past year we have seen the maritime industry come under scrutiny by the IRS in regard to so called ‘mariner tax deductions’. As a result many of our clients have had their returns pulled for audit after a California preparer was ordered to turn over Social Security numbers of all clients from 2000 forward. It is with great pride that I can say that NONE of the returns processed by Transport Workers Tax Service has been changed as a result of such scrutiny!

We are well versed in the allowable deductions that are outlined in IRS Publications, Tax Court Rulings and IRS Revenue Procedures and have seen time after time that by staying within IRS guidelines we are still able to save our clients hundreds if not thousands! Recognize IRS Revenue Agents are solely there to see that you remain compliant ~ why wouldn’t you use a preparer that has a proven track record?


On our Downloads Page you will find our organizer for both this year and last year’s taxes. Email me if you need any prior year

State Income Tax-We will file and prepare your state income tax return for you.

Extensions-We automatically file federal extensions on behalf of all of our clients.